Dedicated to Sustainable Growth of the UK Medical Cannabis Sector

The Medical Cannabis Alliance is a not-for-profit advocacy group dedicated to growing the medical cannabis market in the UK sustainably and ethically. We are funded by industry leaders to generate outcomes benefitting the whole sector.

We provide exemplary professional representation – backed by the best clinical, scientific, legal and regulatory expertise – across the spectrum of parliamentary, regulatory and clinical stakeholders.

Our Focus

Key Projects

Code of Practice

We are facilitating a conversation with CBPM-prescribing clinics to develop a Code of Practice. This will ensure they uphold the industry’s reputation for complying with highest standards including marketing and communications.

Real-World Evidence

We are pioneering real-world data gathering by establishing standardised data collection procedures among clinicians prescribing CBPMs.

CBPM Register

We are spearheading the creation of a comprehensive register for unlicensed CBPMs in the UK to provide clinicians with comprehensive and accurate information on quality-assured products.

Annual Patient Survey

We are gathering insight into patient satisfaction and demographics by engaging with the UK’s leading CBPM-prescribing clinics.

Regulatory Review

We are in an ongoing dialogue with the Home Office, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, Care Quality Commission and Advertising Standards Authority regarding the potential for regulatory reform.

Transforming R&D

We are encouraging the development of pharmaceutical cannabinoid drug products for license by regulators and export to a global patient base through a review.

Cancast Podcast

We are producing a new podcast series for healthcare professionals, researchers and patients to promote better understanding of the safety and clinical efficacy of CBPMs in the treatment of specific conditions.

MCAired Podcast

We are producing a thought-provoking podcast series led by industry experts delving into the core of the UK’s medical cannabis industry. MCAired confronts industry challenges head-on, focusing on actionable insights over hype.

Industry Events

We will convene compelling events with a dedicated focus on the development of a sustainable UK medical cannabis sector.

Medical Cannabis Journal

A platform to give industry leaders the opportunity to educate others, hold debates on the latest developments, and rally their peers in support of sustainable growth.

Welcome to the Medical Cannabis Journal

The Medical Cannabis Journal will give industry leaders a voice – to educate, provide a rallying point, and seed the necessary debates the sector must have to support sustainable growth.

Scientific Advisors

Professor Trevor Jones CBE. FMedSci

Professor Trevor Jones is Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, having previously held roles as Director General of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, as Chair of the Government Advisory Group on Genetics Research and as a member of The Medicines Commission. He has also advised the Cabinet Office on the Human Genome Project and the Prime Minister’s Task Force on the Competitiveness of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and was a Commissioner for the World Health Organisation’s Commission for Intellectual Property, Innovation and Public Health.

Dr Elisabeth Philipps

Dr Elisabeth Philipps is a clinical neuroscientist and integrative medicine practitioner who founded a consultancy specialising in brain health, the endocannabinoid system and phytocannabinoids including CBD and medicinal cannabis. Her focus includes translational research and clinical and industry education around the body’s endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid product, with an emphasis on the use of cannabinoid medicine for traumatic brain injuries in professional sports.

Dr Parveen Bhatarah

Dr Parveen Bhatarah has over 20 years’ experience within the international pharmaceutical industry and regulatory environment. She has 12 years’ experience in the medical cannabis industry, covering everything from cultivation to Food and Drug Administration approval of finished medicinal products, and has expertise in product development for clinical trials, commercial launch, technology transfer and manufacturing.

Dr Andy Yates

Dr Andy Yates has spent 25 years in pharma and biotech, working in R&D, medical affairs, commercial, business development and strategy functions. He serves as Chief Scientific Officer at Artelo Biosciences and has extensive experience in all aspects of medicine development programmes including three cannabinoid-based medicines within Artelo’s portfolio. He is also a UK pharmacist who received his PhD in cannabinoid medicinal chemistry from the University of Nottingham.

Dr Andrew Bradford

Dr Andrew Bradford has extensive experience of medical cannabis having worked at The Medical Cannabis Clincs, Lyphe and the Medical Rehabilitation Clinic managing patients with neurological conditions and disability. He is a neuro-rehabilitation specialist and was a consultant at Walkergate Park Centre for Neuro-rehabilitation and Neuro-psychiatry in Newcastle. He was previously involved in stroke research in Glasgow. He has an interest in psychological medicine having completed an MSc in positive psychology and has training in Human Givens therapy. Furthermore, he has additional experience in primary care, drug dependence, and secure unit medicine in the UK.

Greer Deal

Greer Deal is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a Member of The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs, with over 25 years’ experience in the life sciences sector covering regulatory affairs, medical information, pharmacovigilance, product development, compassionate use programmes and plant derived products. She is currently Director of Global Regulatory Services, which focuses on regulatory affairs and quality compliance, and frequently speaks at seminars on changing regulations for medical device companies in Europe.

Dr Paul Duffy

Dr Paul Duffy is senior project toxicologist with expertise in new modalities, including RNA therapeutics and regenerative medicines. He is a highly experienced project toxicologist with submission experience in multiple territories, including repurposing of existing drug projects for new applications. He has served on the BTS Executive Committee since 2006, is widely published in peer reviewed journals, and previously worked as Senior Project Toxicologist at AstraZeneca and as Board Member for Stem Cells for Safer Medicines.

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