Medical Cannabis Alliance

The Medical Cannabis Alliance is a not-for-profit advocacy group dedicated to growing the medicinal cannabis market in the UK.

We are committed to:

  • Raising industry standards
  • Collaborating proactively with key stakeholder groups
  • Identifying and creating new market opportunities
  • Strengthening the data environment
  • Promoting public understanding
  • Elevating political importance
  • Catalysing advancements in cannabinoid research and development

Through expert representation, we advocate for the interests of the medical cannabis industry in legislative, regulatory, and parliamentary proceedings. We engage with medical associations and stakeholders to foster collaboration and achieve our shared objectives.

Key Projects

Code of Practice

The Code of Practice is a proactive demonstration that UK medical cannabis clinics are compliant with the highest medical standards and prioritise patient health and wellbeing.

Data Standardisation

A pioneering real-world data collection project to establish standardised data collection procedures among clinicians prescribing Cannabis-based Products for Medicinal use (CBPMs).

Condition Focus

Our information for healthcare professionals provides an objective and comprehensive overview of CBPMs and their applications for a range of medical conditions.

Regulatory Review

Clarifying the definition of a CBPM is essential to developing a medical supply chain, running clinical trials and enabling NHS prescriptions. Our framework will chart the best route to reform.

Patient Survey

Our annual patient survey is run in conjunction with the UK’s leading CBPM prescribing clinics. It gives insight into patient behaviour and the perceived efficacy of the CBPMs they receive.

Industry Events

Our event calendar includes the Annual UK Medicinal Cannabis Summit, an Annual Clinics Conference, a Spring Industry Convention and our annual MCA Members General Assembly.

Medical Cannabis Journal

Giving industry leaders a voice.

Welcome to the Medical Cannabis Journal

The Medical Cannabis Journal will give industry leaders a voice – to educate, provide a rallying point, and seed the necessary debates the sector must have to support sustainable growth.

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