Reports and Papers: Building upon the Legacy of the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis

Explore the CMC reports and papers that helped pave the way for the formation of MCA.

Five years have passed since the pivotal change in UK legislation, permitting the prescription of Cannabis-based Products for Medicinal use (CBPMs). It is in this juncture that the Medical Cannabis Alliance (MCA) officially launches in November 2023. The MCA represents an evolution of The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC), which formed in November 2018.

Below we present the CMC milestones, reports and events that have paved the way for the formation of MCA.

2018 – Medicinal Cannabis in the UK: A Blueprint for Reform

This report discusses the background of the law change in 2018, to allow some doctors to prescribe Cannabis-based Medicinal Products (CBMPs) for some conditions, and makes recommendations for policy change moving forward to help foster this new fledgling industry.

2020 – Left Behind: The Scale Of Illegal Cannabis Use For Medicinal Intent In The UK by Dr Daniel Couch MB ChB MRCS MBA PhD

This report discusses the current state and future prospects of medicinal cannabis in the UK. It reviews the scientific and clinical evidence for its benefits, as well as the policy implications of its use. It also reports the findings of a national survey that estimates the number of people who use illegal cannabis for medical reasons, and the costs and risks associated with this practice.

2021 – Green Shoots: Sowing the Seeds of the New UK Cannabinoid Market

This report examines the evolving economic landscape in the UK amid the pandemic and post-Brexit period, emphasizing the growing interest in regulatory innovation to bolster the country’s competitive edge.

The “Green Shoots” paper presents a vision for the UK’s consumer cannabinoid and medicinal cannabis market. It offers 20 key recommendations aiming to promote innovation, reduce market obstacles, and enhance regulatory processes, ultimately strengthening the UK’s position in science and technology while supporting businesses, particularly startups and SMEs.

2022 – Decalogue

Three years after medicinal cannabis was first legalised in the UK, a diverse group of scientists, industry leaders, clinicians and campaigners came together at an event in London’s Kings College to argue for policy changes to promote better understanding of the benefits of medicinal cannabis, increased access to medicines for patients and regulations more conducive to institutional investment in the sector.

The accompanying report, Decalogue – Ideas to Increase Patient Access and Clinical Understanding of Medicinal Cannabis – sets out 10 new ideas in a series of essays.

2022 – Hodges Review

This review, overseen by Professor Christopher Hodges, assesses the UK’s legal cannabinoid industry and how public policy and regulation can support its growth. It contains 20 key recommendations to make the UK a global leader in cannabinoid innovation.

These milestones reflect the UK’s evolving approach to medical cannabis, setting the stage for continued progress and innovation in the field. The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis and various stakeholders contributed to shaping a more patient-centric and forward-looking approach to cannabis-based medicine.

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