Looking to the future – the new Medical Cannabis Alliance 

By Steve Moore, Founder, Medical Cannabis Alliance

Five years on from the legalisation of medical cannabis in the UK, the contours of the sector are
now defined. But challenges remain in terms of access, standards, data collection and

Having played a pivotal role in bringing about these changes in the summer of 2018, Paul Birch
and I set up the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) with support from key industry players,
aiming to provide professional representation and help shape the new regulatory framework.
Over the past year we have taken stock of the sector and engaged with companies across
cultivation, manufacturing, prescribing and dispensing, as well as other representative bodies.
Today we are announcing the creation of a new platform with a fresh mission and priorities. On
21 November the CMC will become the Medical Cannabis Alliance (MCA), shaping standards in
pursuit of excellence.

Supported by CMC members, as well as some new names, this alliance will be a dedicated,
authoritative and responsible voice to unite the growing sector, with its members playing a
crucial role in improving public health and understanding.

We will provide professional representation of the medical cannabis industry at all levels of the
legislative, regulatory and Parliamentary process, and work proactively with other associations
and stakeholder groups to further growth and excellence in public health.

You can find out more about our five founding projects focused on industry standards, data
standardisation, regulatory reform, aiding healthcare professionals, and patient feedback. This
programme of work will be augmented through a series of in-person and online events to
promote clinical knowledge, public understanding, and policy developments.

All enquiries to Steve Moore: 07870 515025

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