MCAired Podcast

A thought-provoking podcast series led by industry experts delving into the core of the UK’s medical cannabis industry. 

Introducing MCAired: 
A Podcast Series for Growing the Medical Cannabis Sector in the UK

Join us as we go right into the heart of the medical cannabis industry in the UK with MCAired.

Our new podcast series will confront hard truths and not indulge comfortable delusions. We recognise the potential for the industry but also the challenges we face as companies and an industry.

We’re committed to cutting through the noise to deliver actionable insights that drive real change.

Led by respected figures in the industry, each webinar session features thought-provoking discussions and expert analysis on key topics, from market insights to regulatory updates and everything in between.


The first in the series focuses on Australia and asks what lessons the UK medical cannabis industry can learn from their successes and mistakes.

Panel of experts
Karen Bowell – Managing Director, Althea Global
Clare Barker – Medical Cannabis Consultant
Neil Cartwright – Head of Product, Releaf
Professor Iain S McGregor – Professor of Psychopharmacology, Academic Director, Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics, The University of Sydney
Host: Steve Moore, Founder MCA