Key Projects

Our key projects are designed to elevate the standards of patient care and best practices by the UK medical cannabis industry.

Code of Practice

We are facilitating a conversation with industry to develop a Code of Practice, ensuring that UK medical cannabis clinics uphold the industry’s reputation for complying with high medical standards and prioritising patient health.

Data Standardisation

We are pioneering a real-world data collection project to establish standardised data collection procedures among clinicians prescribing Cannabis-based Products for Medicinal use (CBPMs).

Condition Focus

We are developing a robust content series for healthcare professionals focusing on research and efficacy of CBPMs relating to specific medical conditions.

Regulatory Review

We are in an ongoing dialogue with the Home Office, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, Care Quality Commission and Advertising Standards Authority regarding the potential for regulatory reform.

Annual Patients Survey

We are gathering insight into patient satisfaction and demographics by engaging with the UK’s leading CBPM-prescribing clinics.

Transforming the R&D landscape

We are encouraging the development of pharmaceutical cannabinoid drug products for licence by regulators and export to a global patient base.